Sagittarius of the Eastern Sky

Level Unlocked: 10

Completion Bonus: Pirate Encounter Rate 2x Up

Name Level Buff
Physical Training 3/3 +90 HP
Solidity 3/3 +50 P.DEF
Brilliance 3/3 +50 M.DEF
Rage 3/3 +50 ATK
Agility 3/3 +3 ATK SPD

Pisces of the Western Sky

Level Unlocked: 20

Completion Bonus: +100 CRT PWR

Name Level Buff
x 5/5 +x EVA
x 5/5 +x ACC
x 5/5 +x CRT
x 5/5 +x Healing Up
x 5/5 +x P.RES
x 5/5 +x Curse RES

Aquarius of the Southern Sky

Level Unlocked: 40

Completion Bonus: +30 All RES

Name Level Buff
x 6/6 +x HP
x 6/6 +x P.DEF
x 6/6 +x M.DEF
x 6/6 +x Weaken RES
x 6/6 +x Nature RES
x 6/6 +x Spell RES
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