Title can be acquired by completing special achievements in the game.

You can switch Titles freely in the Title menu. Titles you equip will be displayed in the Lobby, Replays, Friends, Chat, etc.


Title Requirement
Elune Basic Title (Default)
Majestic One Reach Account Level 70.
Dimension Explorer Clear Dimensions 1-7 on Normal and Hard.
Champion Reach Champion rank in Heir Battle.
The Legend Reach Legend rank in Heir Battle.
Grand Master Reach Grand rank in Heir Battle.
Everyone's Friend Reach Affinity Level 30 for all NPCs (Dimensions 1-7).
Astronomer Max Enhance Sagittarius, Pisces, Aquarius, and Libra Zodiacs.
King Slayer Clear Boss Battle: Trent, Proto-T3, Imae, Iscariot, and Akhenaten on all difficulties.
Alchemist Enhance all Potions in Workshop to Stage 5.
Primal Elune Participate in Elune CBT.
Dungeon Master Explore All Mobius Dungeons.
Dimension Champion
Dimension Dominator
Dimension Collector Collect all Exclusive Gear.
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