Legendary Debuffer
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Affiliation Mt. Sky Personality {{{Personality}}}


Name Level Skill Type Description
Phantom Slash 6/6 Normal All Enemies
Slash enemies dealing 1670(+2.22 ATK) P.DMG to all enemies (damage divided by the number of enemies).
Phantom Barrage 6/6 Special Front First
PHYS Effect
Nature Effect
Strikes the enemy 4 times, dealing 1700(+2.23 ATK) P.DMG. Casts PHYS Effect that causes Bleding for 4 turn(s) and Nature Effect that causes Epidemic for 1 turn(s).
Goblin Strike 6/6 Ultimate All Enemies
Curse Effect
Shreds enemies dealing 1170(+1.89 ATK) P.DMG to all enemies. For enemies afflicted by Weaken or Status Effect, 100% chance to inflict a Curse Effect that causes Panic for 3 turn(s).
Devilsbane 1/1 Passive 1 Reduces a random Tolerance Effect by 1 level when attack is successful.
Remorseful Strike 1/1 Passive 2 Casts Weakening Effect that reduces P.DEF of the target by 50% for 2 turn(s) when attack lands as a CRT.
Intangible Illusion 1/1 Passive 3 Increases EVA Rate by 50% when receiving attacks from an enemy with a Debuff. Casts Spell Effect that Seals the enemy for 2 turn(s) when evading an attack.

Skill Gems

Name Skill Gems Gem Set Bonus
Phantom Slash Normal Gem Red Gem Red Gem Orange 5% chance to Restrain target for 1 turn(s).
Phantom Barrage Special Gem Red Gem Red Gem Orange 5% chance to Petrify target for 1 turn(s).
Goblin Strike Ultimate Gem Red Gem Orange Gem Violet 10% chance to Paralyze target for 1 turn(s).


Grade ★★★★★★ ★★★★★★ +5
HP 22277 33415
ATK 5775 8663
P.DEF 3300 4950
M.DEF 3383 5074

Static Stats

EVA 31
CRT 41
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