Class Support
Gender Female
Dimension Mt. Sky
Rarity Epic


Name Skill Level Description
Fox Fire Normal 6/6 Somersaults to distract the enemy and strikes with Fox Fire twice to deal 960(+1.3ATK) M.DMG to the Enemy
Soul Summons Special 6/6 Comes forward and howls to summon mysterious souls to cast a Enhance Buff that increases ACC of all allies by 450(+0.06ATK) for 4 turns(s). When allies with soul summons attack enemies, heals Miho's HP by an amount equal to 10% of damage dealt.
Shapeshift Ultimate 6/6 Energizes the breath of the wild to cast a Enhance Buff that increases CRT and EVA of all allies by 450(+0.06ATK) for 4 turn(s). Obtains 1 SOUL if an attack of an ally with Shapeshift lands as a CRT or when that ally evades an enemy attack.
Fox's Agility Passive1 1/1 The wild fox is sensitive to any hostile actions towards her. 20% chance of evading a single attack. Obtained at 2 Star(s).
Curiosity Passive2 1/1 Becomes Curious about her own abilities as she's become a specter recently. Miho receives a turn after an ally with both Soul Summons and Shapeshift effects
Fox Bead Passive3 1/1 The Fox Bead of Nine-tailed Foxes has the divine power to control life and death. Fills up 20% of the Fox Bead when an ally or enemy dies. Once the bead has reached 100%, Miho uses the Fox Bead's energy to revive a random ally with 30%when it's her turn. Obtained at 6 Star(s).

Skill Gems

Name Skill Gems Gem Set Bonus
Fox Fire Normal Blue



5% chance to Seal the target for 1 turn(s).
Soul Summons Special Yellow



5% chance of increasing ATK SPD of all allies by 10% for 2 turn(s).
Shapeshift Ultimate Yellow



10% chance of increasing CRT PWR of all allies by 10% for 2 turn(s).


Grade ★★★★★★ ★★★★★★ +5
HP 22689 34034
ATK 4497 6745
P.DEF 3176 4765
M.DEF 3342 5012

Static Stats

EVA 31
CRT 41
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