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|CRT= 41
|CRT= 41

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Legendary Debuffer
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Gender Male Nickname Disciple
Affiliation Guardians Personality Extravagant


Name Level Skill Type Description
Flame Burst 6/6 Normal Front First
Strikes an enemy 4 times dealing 1060(+1.48 ATK) P. DMG.
Fiery Passion 6/6 Special All Enemies
Weaken Effect: DMG +-
Strikes all enemies 8 times dealing 810(+1.12 ATK) P. DMG. For enemies afflicted by Weaken Effect, inflicts Weaken Effect that increases damage received by 15% and Weaken Effect that reduces damage by 15% for 3 turns; this effect stacks up to 2 times.
Heaven’s Outlaw 6/6 Ultimate All Enemies
PHYS Effect: Stun
Strikes enemies 16 times dealing a total of 1110(+1.89 ATK) P. DMG. For enemies afflicted with Weaken Effects, inflicts PHYS Effect that causes stun for 3 turns.
Toxic Bullet 1/1 Passive 1 Inflicts struck enemies with Weaken Effect that reduces healing received by 50% for 3 turns; obtained at 2★.
Exquisite Blow 1/1 Passive 2 CRIT Rate increases by 20% when attacking a target with 50% or more HP. When an attack lands as a CRIT, refreshes the targets existing Weaken Effect with less than 2 turns remaining back to 2 turns; obtained at 4★
Resolve of the Deceased 1/1 Passive 3 After receiving a killing blow, user will survive with 1 HP and will be immune to damage and status effects for 2 turns that are taken consecutively before finally dying. Reduces SOUL consumption of all skills by 2 during the consecutive attack. This effect can only be activated 1 time per battle and cannot work with Swap Turn; obtained at 6★.

Skill Gems

Name Skill Gems Gem Set Bonus
Flame Burst Normal Gem Red.png Gem Red.png Gem Orange.png 5% chance to Bleed target for 2 turns.
Fiery Passion Special Gem Red.png Gem Orange.png Gem Orange.png 5% chance to Curse target with Despair for 1 turn.
Heaven’s Outlaw Ultimate Gem Red.png Gem Orange.png Gem Indigo.png 10% chance of reducing target’s ATK by 10% for 2 turns.


Grade ★★★★★★ ★★★★★★ +5
HP 26361 47449
ATK 5487 9876
P.DEF 3094 5569
M.DEF 3053 5495

Static Stats

EVA 31
CRT 41
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