Heir Battle

Heir Battle

This is a PvP content where you will fight against another player.

Attacking Side

You will be attacking another player's pre-set Defense.

The Attacking Side will be able to manually control their Elunes, while the Defending Side will be auto-mated by AI.

Defending Side

You will be required to setup your Defense when another player attempts to attack you in Heir Battle.

The Defending Side will not be able to control their Elunes, they will be auto-mated by AI.

League Tiers & Rankings

Your ranking will be determined depending on the Honor Points earned that week.

You will gain weekly rewards such as Rubies & Gold.


You can save your Heir Battles and view again later.

You can save up to 20 Battles.

Share Rewards

You will gain Share Rewards(once per day) when you share your Replay 5 times.

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