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Legendary Tank
Screenshot 20181013-230243.png
Gender Male Nickname Disciple
Affiliation Guardians Personality Serious


Name Level Skill Type Description
Heavy Punishment 6/6 Normal Front First
Strike the enemy 2 times, dealing a total of 540(+1.23 ATK) P.DMG.
Sacred Shield 6/6 Special Self
Enhance Buff
Gains an Enhance Buff that increases P.DEF and M.DEF by 3000(+0.2 Max HP) for 3 turn(s) and a Barrier that absorbs (+0.1 Max HP) of all damage forms except Soul Damage.
Sacrificial Barrier 6/6 Ultimate All Allies
Enhance Buff
Soul Effect
Grants all allies an Enhance Buff that reduces damage received by 50% for 3 turns and a Soul Effect that allows Fahrenheit to take 100% of damage received instead of his allies.
Guardian's Challenge 1/1 Passive 1 Casts a PHYS Effect that causes Provoke on all enemies with 10% or higher ATK SPD than his own at the beginning of each wave for 2 turns; obtained at 2★.
Salvation Barrier 1/1 Passive 2 When HP is below 25%, gains a Barrier that absorbs (+0.25 Max HP) of all damage (excluding Soul Damage).This effect can only be activated once per battle; obtained at 4★.
Valiant Resistance 1/1 Passive 3 Reduces damage received by 5% until character's next turn after receiving damage from a direct attack. Can be reduced up to 30%; obtained at 6★.

Skill Gems

Name Skill Gems Gem Set Bonus
Heavy Punishment Normal Gem Red.png Gem Red.png Gem Orange.png 5% chance to Stun target for 1 turn.
Sacred Shield Special Gem Yellow.png Gem Yellow.png Gem Violet.png 5% chance of becoming immune to Weaken Effects for 1 turn.
Sacrificial Barrier Ultimate Gem Yellow.png Gem Yellow.png Gem Violet.png 10% chance of becoming immune to all damage for 1 turn.


Grade ★★★★★★ ★★★★★★ +5
HP 54867 98760
ATK 2805 5049
P.DEF 6188 11138
M.DEF 5982 10767

Static Stats

EVA 42
CRT 21
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