Leveling Up

Elunes can earn EXP from Adventure or from Training.

In the Upgrade menu found in Elune Details, you can use other Elunes to earn Growth EXP. Using Growth Lightures guarantees even more EXP.


In the Evolve menu of Elune Details, you can upgrade a max -level Elune's grade.

This process requires an Elune or Evolution Lighture of the same rarity and grade as the Elune to be evolved. More materials are required as the Elune's grade increases.

Max Level Cap expands as an Elune's grade increases, and Elunes with Rare or higher rarity can obtain new Passive Skills.

Max Level Cap

Grade Max Level
1★ Level 10
2★ Level 20
3★ Level 30
4★ Level 40
5★ Level 50
6★ Level 60

Legendary and Epic Elunes will also unlock new Costumes when reaching specific Grades.

Transcending Elunes

In the Transcend menu of Elune Details, you can Transcend Elunes that have reached 6★ Level 60 to boost their stats.

This process requires an identical 6★ Elune or a Transcend Lighture to be used as material. Elunes can be transcended up to +5 stages.

Skill Enhance

Use an identical Elune or a Skill Lighture to enhance a skill up to Level 6.

A random skill will be enhanced with boosted effects.

Skill Gem Slots

Use Gold to enhance a Skill Gem slot up to Level 5.

Enhancing Skill Gem slots applies the same level to the equipped Skill Gems. The effects of those Skill Gems receive an Enhanced Bonus.


Equip Gear to your Elunes to further boost their power.

Legendary and Epic Elunes can also equip Exclusive Gear to further boost the power of specific skills.

Equipping Gear from the same set will apply a Set Bonus.

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