Legendary DPS
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Affiliation Batah Personality {{{Personality}}}


Name Level Skill Type Description
Heroic Blow 6/6 Normal Front First
Deals 1150(+1.58ATK) P.DMG to an enemy.
Fierce Cry 6/6 Special All Enemies
PHYS Effect
Deals 890(+1.21ATK) P.DMG to all enemies. 50% chance of inflicting a PHYS Effect that causes Paralysis for 2 turn(s). +40% CRT Rate on enemies with HP remaining lower than 50%.
Extinction Strike 6/6 Ultimate Front First
Deals 2430(+3.96 ATK) P.DMG to an enemy. +60% CRT rate on enemies with 0 EVA.
Overwhelm 1/1 Passive 1 At the start of each wave, inflicts Weakening Effect on all enemies that reduces EVA by 50(+0.01 ATK).
Detect 1/1 Passive 2 CRT Attacks cast Weakening Effect that reduces EVA Rate of the target by 10% for 3 turn(s).
Seasoned Veteran 1/1 Passive 3 Increases ACC and CRT Rate by 20% when attacking an enemy with lower ATK than Arslan.

Skill Gems

Name Skill Gems Gem Set Bonus
Heroic Blow Normal Gem Red.png Gem Red.png Gem Orange.png 5% chance to Bleed target for 2 turn(s)
Fierce Cry Special Gem Red.png Gem Orange.png Gem Orange.png 5% chance of increasing Arslan's ATK by 10% for 1 turn(s).
Extinction Strike Ultimate Gem Red.png Gem Orange.png Gem Violet.png Heals 5% of Arslan's Max HP upon defeating an enemy.


Grade ★★★★★★ ★★★★★★ +5
HP 23597 35395
ATK 5982 8973
P.DEF 3053 4579
M.DEF 3053 4579

Static Stats

EVA 11
CRT 84
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