Affinity System is a unique NPC Relation-Based Quest System.

By increasing your Affinity, you will be able to gain better rewards from the Story NPCs.


Affinity with an Story NPC increases each time you complete that NPC's request(Quest).

Affinity ranges from Level 1 ~ 30. You will receive Lightures, Rubies, Elunes, and other rewards each time you increase the level.


Tho Quests appears in Adventure(Hard) for each Dimension 3 times a day.

Quests can be completed by playing the designated stage. Earn various rewards and increase your Affinity with the Story NPCs.

Quests Times

1st: 8 PM ~ 4 AM

2nd: 4 AM ~ 12 PM

3rd: 12 PM ~ 8 PM

Quest Items

You will be able to acquire these Quest Items from Hard Stages. Each Quest Item has a different Affinity Value. NPCs will require different kind of items for each Quests.

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