In Adventure Mode, there are 7 different Dimensions you can travel to.

Each Dimension with its own story, environment, and enemies.

Travel across all the Dimensions to retrieve the Dark Stones and rid them of Evil.

After completing all 11 Acts of a Dimension, you will unlock Hard Mode for that Dimension, as well as the next available Dimension.

Along your journey, you will meet many Companions which you can raise Affinity with in Hard Mode.


Enjoy battling a variety of different monsters throughout your journey.


Earn Gold, Gear, Elunes, and other items needed for upgrading your Elunes.


You can earn Dimensional Cores, Elune Cores, and Corrupted Cores needed to create Mobius Dungeons.


Experience a tale of epic proportions. Learn about the Elunes and their individual stories. You can review the story of each Elune in the Compendium.

Pirate Encounters

There is a chance Pirate Darktures will appear after clearing a stage in Adventure Mode. Earn various rewards for defeating all of them.

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